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Sharon Ben-Haim
Chief Technology Officer
Ministry of Finance - Israel

SyncCell's software is great. It helps us reduce the number of PDA's. The software is already implemented at about 40 users whom are very satisfied.

Steve Henderly
Nvest Wealth Strategies
Client Service Officer
Columbus, Ohio USA

I have zero desire to carry around a Blackberry or Windows Mobile phone device due to the size and fear of being too connected to work, but do require functionality of having an up-to-date calendar and contacts for clients. As such, I needed to have a program to synchronize my work computer and cell phone. I recently purchased SyncCell after having tried a number of software products to sync the Calendar on my Verizon Wireless Razr2 cell phone with Microsoft Outlook. Unfortunately, I wish I had found SyncCell before paying for almost $50 for Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) latest version. I had heard about MPT a long time ago as being the solution for synchronizing contacts, appointments and to-do lists, but was utterly disappointed. Motorola phone tools is a very large, cumbersome program to the memory on a PC, takes forever to load, and doesn’t even work right. Appointments in outlook get doubled up each time the phone is sync’d (i.e. if I sync twice a week, before a given appointment, MPT program isn’t smart enough to over-write the previous sync, and instead creates duplicates).

I tried SyncCell for free and decided the program basically did everything that MPT did, but better. It loads almost instantly (uses few computer system resources), has an intuitive interface, and also includes a quick sync button which syncs my calendar and contacts in about 10 seconds. I never receive duplicate appointments or contacts, and if I schedule an appointment on my phone, it is added to Outlook. Best part is, this software actually works perfectly with the Verizon User Interface on all its phones (Verizon replaces Motorola software on Motorola phones with its own, generally reducing the phone customization opportunities for end users and usually forcing you to buy accessories from them).

BIDCOM Technologies, thank you for developing a great software product! SyncCell actually does everything it advertises and at a price that is a bargain compared to programs costing twice as much that are full of bugs. It has continued to allow me to avoid the pain of a SmartPhone as I don’t need constant email communication, but do desire up-to-date appointments and contact lists. I would personally recommend this product to anyone.

Darrel Gerber

This is so awesome!!!! It works wonderfully!

Even though my phone was not listed as being supported on your website, you had model numbers that were close, I thought I would give it a try, that's the kind of guy I am. I would have to say that your response to getting it working was phenomenal. Customer service like this is almost unheard of this day and age. Your response gave my phone an extended life as I was looking for a phone that I could sync my calendar with. Now I have it and I didn't even have to buy a new phone!!

Lon M. Burns
Manhattan Beach, Califonia USA

I have spent much of the past month agonizing about buying a new iPhone or other smartphone as the AT&T contract for my Razr V3 was about to expire. So many features to consider plus the need to spend at least $30/month more for a data plan was making me crazy and taking up a lot of my time..and all I really needed was to add my Outlook Calendar to my phone!

And then, as if by magic, I got more creative with my web searching yesterday and came across your website. After a quick trip to buy a needed usb cable to connect to my phone, I downloaded and tried your software…and couldn’t buy it fast enough once I saw what it did.

This is probably the greatest piece of software I’ve ever bought for my various pdas or phones. Now there’s no more need for me to carry my Palm Tungsten T3 along with my phone everywhere I go – which is great, whether I’m doing my regular philanthropic and nonprofit work or carrying out a cowboy wedding (see attached pic).

Congratulations to you all for a most wonderful product!

Phil Smith
ABB Inc.
Sr. Account Manager
The Woodlands, Texas USA

I love the software. It works very well and never tries to override the information on my computer with what is on the phone (a considerable problem with similar products). The only issue I have with it is that it is only compatible with Motorola phones. I'm perplexed as to why you do not develop the same application for other cell phone brands.

I bought a Motorola phone specfically because of this application. With any other brand I would have had to enter everything into my phone manually.

Thanks for helping me simplify my life!

Stephanie Blackmon
Fidelity National Information Services
Software Engineer
Little Rock, AR, USA

For work it has been indispensable. I am constantly away from my email dealing with other things in the office. In the past, I was forever late to meetings b/c I didn’t get my Outlook reminder when I wasn’t at my desk. Now, I’m never late! It’s also been a huge help for reminding me about early meetings when I’m still at home getting ready for work. I am NOT a morning person, so I’ve been known to forget about 8am meetings or be late b/c I was racing to find the bridgeline to call into. Now, I’ve got all the info I need for the meeting and I didn’t have to wait for my laptop (which I may or may not have with me at home) to boot up.

SyncCell has also been great for scheduling things in my personal life. I can’t remember everything I have in my schedule and rarely carry my calendar with me when I go out socially. But my cell phone is always with me. So…now, if I’m asked if I want to do lunch next week or go see a concert next month, all I have to do is check my phone to see if I already have something going at that time. And I have it all there without having had to type the data in on my cell phone…I HATE USING THE KEYPAD FOR TYPING!!! It’s all in Outlook and downloaded to my phone.

On top of all that great stuff, SyncCell has been a great way for me to setup reminders. For instance, it’s Tuesday and I’m busy at work and remember that I need to get paper towels when I hit the store on Saturday. All I do is setup a “free time” meeting in Outlook at a time I am pretty certain I’ll be in the store or creating my shopping list, with a subject line of “Get paper towels”, and SyncCell reminds me! I’ve used it for shopping items and remembering to get/give something when I see a friend or when I visit my family.

And now that SyncCell can be scheduled to update my phone regularly, I don’t have to remember to do it!

SyncCell has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for reducing stress and improving my efficiency.

Tom Winscher
Freelance Photographer
Waupun, WI, USA

I have used Sync cell with my Razar for about the past six months. This has been a great tool and actually made the calendar useful on my phone. I used to think the calendar was useless until I was able to sync with Outlook. Now, I have my appointments with me even if I forget my palm pilot. I love it!

Karen Dolzall
Martinsville, Indiana USA

SyncCell saved the day for me!

What a great program. Easy to use, fast, and most of all – accurate! I can only guess at the hours I have wasted on sync programs that messed up my contacts and calendar and I found myself getting rid of duplications, correcting contacts that were merged incorrectly, losing appointments. What a nightmare. Even Motorola’s own Phone Tools caused a terrible mess several times. Support did not even know what to tell me, at least that is what I made out from a person who did not even know how to speak English. When I set up my SyncCell program, I needed a little assistance. I got a support person I could understand very well, got it set up (It really was not so hard – I was just not seeing the little thing that was there all the time) – and bingo, I never have to worry. It also transfer pics from my phone with little effort, too. I have been using it for 6 months or so without one problem.

How great to now be organized! Try it – you’ll LOVE it!

Hans van den Bersselaar
Bersselaar Construction
Udenhout, the Netherlands

At last I found good sync-software at SyncCell for my Motorola V8. Even Motorola’s own software caused problems and is not able to use the field ‘ category’ in Outlook where it is designed for.

SyncCell is easy to use, cheap and fast.

Kind regards from the Netherlands.

Ben Smith
Bangor, Maine USA

I was an avid PDA user for organizing everything but wanted to consolidate everything (contact info, calendar, tasks, phone) into one device. I tried a smartphone and quickly found that you need a data plan on top of your voice plan (for an additional $40/month with my provider) and you can't have a smartphone without a data plan.

Additionally, I work for a medium size firm (<500 employees) that didn't want to spend on the enterprise server software to link my smartphone to Outlook. I ditched the smartphone to save some money and was left depressed that I had to go back to my old system. My new phone was a motorola and I did a web search in a last ditch effort to find software to talk to Outlook from my phone. Of course, the first result was sync cell and I didn't have to look any further.

Since then, I've been able to perfectly sync my phone to Outlook, giving me tasks, calendar and contact info simply in my phone. I felt pretty dumb that I spent all of this money for something really over the top when I just needed SyncCell and this Motorola phone. The battery life is better, call quality is better, the phone weighs half as much and I still get the calendar functionality! Because of SyncCell, I know where I'm at at all times without flipping through 3 devices. I've recommended to my co-workers with Motorola phones and they all say the same thing. It’s a life saver, and you really can't beat the investment!

Adrian Ennis
Raytheon Canada
Project Engineer
Waterloo, Ontario Canada

I purchased this program because I refuse to manage my contacts via the keypad. The calendar function was, initially, a nice bonus. After using my RAZR2 with bluetooth to hookup to my work calendar (lotus notes) I can't imagine life without it!!! Easy to update, always have it with me, very handy.

Also, before purchasing I worked with SyncCell to work out some bugs because my phone was quite new. They were very responsive and helped me out wherever they could (darn you GMail contacts).

I would recommend this software and this company to anyone.

Arturo D’Elia
Compugen Inc.
Systems Engineer
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Install it and forget it. Works great. All the configurable options that I need and am very happy with both the product and great service.

David Dolbec
Xerox Corporation
Orleans, Massachusetts USA

Upon retirement, I placed my Palm V in the closet. It has, since become important to maintain one calendar. I use Yahoo calendar and Sync it with Outlook on my desktop. I find SyncCell very handy to sync Outlook to my Motorola cell phone. It is the only software to use with Motorola. This way my Motorola Razor is now my "daytimer".

Linda Brown
Menasha, Wisconsin USA

I purchased a new Motorola Razr2 cellphone because I wanted to sync my Outlook calendar onto my cellphone, but did not want to pay an additional monthly fee, which is what the Blackberry and Smart Phones require. I do not need to access the internet on my cellphone.

I read about Phone Tools software that Motorola suggested be used with this phone, but the reviews were not good. That's when I found SyncCell.

I had a few bumps along the way getting the installation and sync procedure down, but the Support was outstanding (even though the FAQs probably covered what I needed to do).

I love it and it's working just great!

Thank you for a great product.

Donnie Staal
Power User
Sedona, AZ USA

I love the simplicity of SyncCell. I had so much difficulty with getting Motorola Phone Tools to recognize my phone, many problems with drivers, and phone calls to Motorola Tech Support. I did a google search and found SyncCell, and it offered a free trial. Within in minutes I had it loaded, It found my phone, named it properly, and I was able to copy my calendar and contacts EASILY.

Simple, easy to understand, no fuss no muss……..thats how a program should work. I love it. And have already recommended it to others, even my mother. You know its got to be good to recommend to you mom.

OS was windows XP, then Windows Vista, Also using Outlook 2003. I had difficulty with Motorola Phone Tools on XP, and never did get it to work with the Calendar on Vista. So to have SyncCell work in just minutes was so refreshing. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants something easy to use.

Larry Stehr
Black Feather Knives
Minneapolis, MN USA

Very good application. As easy to use as my old Palm and their sync software. Once I loaded the additional Motodev driver, everything just dropped into place. I can even charge my Verison Km1 with my laptop which I couldn’t do before. I would recommend this application to anyone who needs the just the basic Palm calendar and contact list with the ease of it all on your cell phone. Now I don’t have to pay Verison the monthly fee for their similar service. A great little money saver.

Franek Gajdeczka
Palm Harbor, Florida USA

I use Windows Vista and this product is one of the few I tried to get to work right. It took a long time to figure out what is missing and what is not right to get Verizon software to synch the files with my Motorola KRAZR. The same applied to the Windows Media system. SyncCell has been running without any glitches since I installed it. I connect my phone via USB and the system recognizes it immediately. The contacts and calendar are synchronized with Windows Contacts and Windows Calendar. Updates work great in both directions. I can add, modify or delete either on the phone or on my PC and SyncCell knows what to do.

This is a great product worth every penny you will spend!

Bob Hayes
London, Ontario Canada

I tried Motorola Phone Tools without much success. SyncCell, on the other hand, worked “right out of the box”. It was easy to set up and run. I sync my Razr with my Contacts and Calendar from Outlook without a hitch. My Calendar is extensive and I have over 250 Contacts. The sync is fast and accurate. I’ve recommended this product to others and they’ve enjoyed the same success and ease of use. Bottom line, it’s inexpensive and it works !!

Paul Abbott
Cedarbrook Church
Clarksburg, Maryland USA

Could not be easier to use. I sync from my laptop to my cell phone without every taking the phone out of my pocket – just one click and it’s done.

Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

I first heard of Sync Cell from "The Dave Ramsey Show," and I love it! It is very easy to use. I love that I'm able to sync my RAZR calendar to Google Calendar, I was looking for a few weeks for software that could sync my RAZR calendar to Google Calendar, then I tried Sync Cell. I think Sync Cell is a great buy,so if you are looking for software to sync your Motorola, BUY, BUY, BUY!

Ted Panamarioff
Kodiak, Alaska USA

I’ve been using SyncCell for over a year now and I love it.

I found it when I was searching for something better than Moto Phone Tools.

When the Razr and Krzr variants began to show up MPT never seemed to be able to keep up and then came Vista and the real problems began,

From the first day I purchased and began using SyncCell I’ve always found it easy to use and it always worked.

Updates are quick and regular – Thank you very much!

I use Sync Cell to keep all of my phones sync’d with one another and my two computers..

Sync Cell is the best software I have found to synchronize my Office 2007 programs with all of my cell phones (5)

Graeme Knox
k-island photography
Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand

SyncCell is well worth its weight in gold, when I purchased my mobile it did not ship with PIM software, which was an oversight on my behalf as having my address and scheduler available to me all the time is important.

After looking around and trying other PIM’s I stumbled across SyncCell and it has been fantastic in allowing me to keep my information from Outlook (address and scheduler) with me all the time.

Also by having my address the same on my mobile and Outlook provides backup in case either device fails.

Ricardo Hoepelman
Santo Domingo,Republica Dominicana

Syncell, change the way to use my cellphone. I didn´t know all the things that i can do with my MotorolaV3 untill I faces SYNCELL. I have save all my pictures, my contacs, my video, thanks to Syncell, Syncell is other way to live an easy live.

Daniel B. Wakefield
Z-Tech, an ICF International Company/NCTR
Web Technical Editor
Star City, Arkansas USA

I downloaded the trial version to see if it would work. I have a Motorola W315 and everything I have read says that there are no drivers for this phone with SyncCell. There was absolutely no help anywhere on the internet to get this phone connected to the internet with my laptop. After downloading the software I was able to sync up the calendar and contacts from my desktop and my laptop to the phone.

I had to have internet and so I tried to connect. Believe it or not I was able to get connected through SyncCell with a Motorola W315. I have to go through my work VPN connection but that was all I was needing anyway. I would imagine that if you had software for a dial up connection there would be a way to connect that also. I have not tried this because I do not have a need for that type of connection.

So, even though everything I have read said it could not be done. I was able to use SyncCell and connect. You cannot load data files to the Motorola W315, at least I have not been able to yet, but I can sync my calendar, contacts, and connect to my work VPN.

Damien Rasson

“Sincroniza tu móvil Motorola con Outlook, los ojos vendados”

Sean reuniones de trabajo, citas o contactos profesionales, de ahora en adelante ya no volverán a pillarte los dedos fuera de la oficina sin tener toda esa información contigo, en tu móvil Motorola. No, ahora cuentas con SyncCell y su proceso de sincronización de datos; no sólo funciona con Outlook sino también con Lotus Notes o Google calendar.

En un par de clics, sincronizarás el móvil y no volverás a perderte una reunión importante; el proceso es sencillo y admite la sincronización desde varios ordenadores y múltiples carpetas Outlook (compatible con Outlook 2007 y Vista). Incluso podrás hacer copias de seguridad y restaurarlas cuando guste.

Es más, podrás editar o crear y gestionar fácilmente tus contactos, ídem para el calendario o los ficheros, sean fotos/vídeos o tonos y fondos de pantalla. Te permitirá también usar el móvil para conectarte a Internet desde el PC y, por último, enviar mensajes de texto desde el PC al móvil, incluso mensajes de correo electrónico. Sí, lo has adivinado, SyncCell también habla Bluetooth, adiós adaptadores USB.

Shawn Hogan

“Outlook- und Datenverwalter für Motorola-Handys”

SyncCell arbeitet als zentrale Schnittstelle für den Datenabgleich zwischen Motorola-Handys und Windows-Rechnern. Die Shareware gleicht Kontakt-, Termin- und Kalenderdaten zwische dem Mobilen und Microsoft Outlook ab. Zusätzlich überträgt die Software Fotos und Videos von Handys wie dem Motorola RAZR, SLVR und K1 auf den PC und lädt Klingeltöne und Wallpaper auf den mobilen Begleiter.

Der Abgleich von Kontakten, Aufgaben und Terminen mit Outlook arbeitet nach dem Ein-Knopfdruck-Prinzip: SyncCell bettet sich dazu nahtlos mit einer entsprechenden Schaltfläche in der Outlook-Oberfläche ein. Ein Klick auf die so genannte OneSync-Taste startet den Abgleich zwischen Mobiltelefon und Outlook via Bluetooth oder Kabel. Mit dem eingebauten File Manager tauscht man Bilder, Videos, Klingeltöne und Wallpaper zwischen Rechner und Handy aus. Wer will, nutzt mit SyncCell das Mobiltelefon zudem als Modem für Datenverbindungen in das Internet.

Fazit SyncCell macht den Datenaustausch zwischen Motorola-Handys und Outlook zum Kinderspiel. Die Menüs der lobenswert anwenderfreundlichen Oberfläche wirkt designtechnisch eher hausbacken, enthalten aber alle wichtigen Werkzeuge für den problemlosen Datenabgleich zwischen Rechner und mobilen Gerät.

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