SyncCell Installation Guide:

1. It is recommended that you print these instructions before beginning the installation process.

2. If you have already downloaded the install file then skip ahead to step #3, otherwise click here to download your free 14-day trial of SyncCell. The following File Download - Security Warning will appear:

Choose either the 'Run' button to begin the install, or the 'Save' button to first save the install file to your computer.

If you choose to run the install from the File Download dialog box, go to step #2-a below. If you choose to save the install file first, go to step #2-b below.

2-a. If you selected the 'Run' button in step #2, the install file will download to a temporary folder on your computer. You may see a second Security Warning:

If so, select the 'Run' button on this second security box to start the SyncCell Setup Wizard. (Move ahead to step #3 below.)

2-b. If you selected the 'Save' button in step #2, you will be prompted with the following Save As dialog box:

Choose the folder where you want to save the SyncCellSetup.exe file. In this example we've chosen the 'temp' folder. Wherever you choose to save to, make note of the folder so that you can easily locate the file. Click the 'Save' button when you're ready.

3. Using Windows Explorer, locate the SyncCellSetup.exe file you saved and double-click the file to begin the installation. You may be prompted at this point with an Open File Security Warning:

If so, select 'Run' to begin the SyncCell Setup Wizard:

Click the 'Next' button.

4. The License Agreement dialog box now appears:

Once you've reviewed the license terms, click on the license agreement check box and then select the 'Next' button.

5. Click 'Next' through the following dialog boxes accepting the defaults as you go.

Select 'Install' on the Additional Options dialog box.

6. The Setup Wizard will prompt you to close down Outlook and any other applications you might have running before proceeding.

Once you've shut down your other applications, click the 'OK' button to continue.

You will then see the installation progress and the Wizard Completion boxes:

Click 'Finish' to end the SyncCell Setup Wizard.

You can now setup your USB data connection and then start using SyncCell. The following link provides step-by-step instructions on setting up your USB cable:

How to configure a USB Data Cable connection...

Thank you for trying our software. We know you'll be very pleased with SyncCell's rich features and ease of use. Please let us know what you think!


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