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The Smarter Syncing Solution

SyncCellTM Software uses Patent Pending OneSync™ technology to make it the easiest way to sync your Microsoft Outlook Calendar to your Mobile Phone on the market today!


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Product Features

OneSynctm  SyncCell™ is the easiest way to Sync your contacts and calendar appointments with your mobile phone on the market today! Using the Patent Pending OneSync™, it's just one easy click from your Microsoft® Outlook Toolbar, and your Outlook Calendar and Contacts are synchronized to your RAZR or other Motorola® Mobile Phone.

Contact Manager  Edit / Create / Generally manage your contacts. With SyncCell™, utilize the powerful Contact Manager to quickly move contacts between Outlook and your mobile phone.

Calendar Manager  Edit / Create / Generally manage your calendar, appointments, and datebook items. Have accurate schedule information for events and appointments, including meeting location, conference call number, and recurrence options. Automatic reminders turn your phone into a personal assistant.

File Manager  Download Pictures and Video. Upload custom Ringtones and Wallpaper. With SyncCell™, utilize the convenient File Manager to download pictures of your family off of your camera phone for free!*

Internet  SyncCell™ allows you to use your laptop or personal computer to connect to the internet by using your mobile phone as the internet modem.**

Backup  Automatically Backup and archive a complete copy of your calendar and contact list. Never lose your important information again!

Restore  Restore archived backup files in part or in whole. If your phone breaks or is lost or stolen, easily restore all of your important information.

Email / Text Message  Send emails or text messages from your PC or laptop through your phone, to an email address or another mobile phone.** SyncCell™ turns your mobile phone into a powerful and flexible communication device.

    *File Uploads are not compatible with all devices or carriers (Verizon).

    **Internet connectivity / emails / text messages – Many wireless carriers require a minimum basic monthly data plan at an additional charge. Some carriers block or do not support internet access or restrict email or text message usage. Refer to your specific wireless plan for details.

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