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SyncCell is the most complete Calendar and
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About BIDCOM Technologies

BIDCOM Technologies is a division of BIDWELL Enterprises, LLC.

BIDWELL Enterprises LLC, through its BIDCOM Technologies division is dedicated to providing premium, best in class, software solutions at an affordable price. BIDWELL Enterprises LLC operates as a computer software company providing cutting edge wireless communications programs. It primarily engages in the design, engineering, development, and business to business sales of computer software that enhances and expands features of mobile, cellular, and other wireless communications devices. 

May 2009:  BIDCOM Technologies announces the release of SyncCell tm V3.0. The much anticipated Version 3 Release adds support for Windows Mobile Devices.

January 2009:  BIDCOM Technologies announces the release of SyncCell tm V2.4. Version 2.4 adds support for Verizon LG models.

October 2008:  BIDCOM Technologies announces support for synchronization with SyncCell tm and Mozilla Thunderbird.

June 2008:  BIDCOM Technologies announces the release of SyncCell tm V2.3. Through our partners around the world, SyncCell is now translated into 22 languages, including German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian. 

April 2008:  BIDCOM Technologies announces the release of SyncCell tm V2.2. Version 2.2 marks the first official support for non-Motorola models, such as the Samsung 'SYNC' and the Sony Ericsson Z500a. 

February 2008:  SyncCell receives official certification from IBM as 'Ready from Lotus Notes'. 

November 2007:  BIDCOM Technologies announces the release of SyncCell tm V2.1, providing support for Lotus Notes, Google Calendar, and Vista Calendar.

July 2007:  BIDCOM Technologies announces the launch of SyncCell tm V2.0. Award-winning SyncCell Version 2.0 continues to re-invent what you thought your Motorola phone was capable of. This version comes complete with PDA-like sync logs, a highly improved graphical interface with the ability to skin the application, and it also adds support Asian, Middle-Eastern, and Eastern European character sets.

February 2007:  BIDCOM Technologies announces the launch of SyncCell tm V1.3. SyncCell 1.3 adds full support for the newest Motorola models, such as the V3xx, V6, and K1.

January 2007:  SyncCell tm Software receives the Newstips Cherry Picks Award at CES 2007 in Las Vegas.
Click to view BIDCOM Technologies' co-founders at CES 2007.
[CEO Steve Bidwell (left), CIO Brian Bidwell (right)]
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November 2006:  BIDCOM Technologies announces the launch of SyncCell tm V1.2. Expanding on its ground-breaking Calendar synchronization algorithm, SyncCell now includes automatic Contact synchronization to make it the complete solution for your Motorola phone.

June 2006:  BIDCOM Technologies announces the launch of its SyncCelltm V1.1 Software. Designed for the busy professional, the SyncCelltm V1.1 software provides the easiest and most reliable way to sync your Microsoft ® Outlook Calendar to your Mobile Phone Datebook on the market today. Contact BIDCOM Technologies or Inquire about SyncCell tm Pro V1.1 Software.

BIDCOM Technologies loyalists are accustomed to first-class service and the best-in-class products available on the market today. SyncCelltm is the newest example of the freshest technologies available and is in tune to what's needed to support your business needs. Our reputation, experience and keen industry insight permit us to bring to market the most in-demand software products and we encourage patrons to recommend ideas to supplement our selection. If you have a suggestion you would like to share with our team, please let us know. Customer feedback shapes our business and allows us to better serve our audience so your ideas are always welcome.

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